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About Us

KCM Community Cleaners (Keep Change Magic) was established to address the employment needs within the Hispanic community, recognizing the challenges posed by limited opportunities and rising unemployment. It emphasizes the power of unity among community members, aiming to enhance collaboration, productivity, and commitment to shared goals that foster economic development for families, society, and the wider community. The organization provides dignified job opportunities with fair wages, particularly valuing working women who are also mothers and integral members of society.

Our Mission

Generate employment, as an integration strategy and social contribution, for Hispanic women who are part of the immigrant population. Contact Us

Our Vision

Work dignifies both men and women. Together, we can make a daily impact on households by providing employment and economic stability to support families. By combining our efforts and their valuable contributions, we hope that in the next two years, we can create a prosperous and meaningful community within society. We support mothers who are the backbone of their families. Help us to help others. Hire our services.

Our Team

Trained and reliable professionals.

Hire KCM to make your home, office, or business shine and play a part in supporting a fair and dignified work model for immigrant women, who have fewer job opportunities in the city.

Our Story

With the belief that we can all contribute to improving the lives of others and guided by the principle that:

"The true social progress does not consist in increasing needs, but in reducing them." - Mahatma Gandhi

In 2023, KCM was born as a response to the employment needs faced by the Hispanic community...

KCM Community Cleaners (Keep Change Magic) was born as a response to the growing need for employment within our Hispanic community. Recognizing the increasing scarcity of opportunities and the rising unemployment affecting every family, we firmly believe in the power of unity.

As members of a continuously expanding community, we have come together to combine our strengths, values, and commitment, with the aim of becoming more united, productive, and dedicated to achieving common goals that contribute to the economic development of our families, our society, and the community at large.

We have simply created a platform to offer meaningful job opportunities, characterized by fair wages, that uphold the dignity of working women who are also mothers and valued members of our society.

Our Values

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